Artículos por David Cochrane

David Cochrane is main author of the Kepler and Pegasus program. He is the lead programmer and professional astrologer at Cosmic Patterns Software. Daivd is also the author of the Major Life Themes Report, Harmonic Highlights Report, and AstroLocality Report.

David was born May 1, 1949, at 4:26 AM in East Meadow, New York (time zone 5 hours west, daylight savings time observed). He has a BA degree in psychology, was a practicing astrologer in the mid 1970’s and switched to computer programming in the late 1970’s. He still practice astrology at the present time on special cases.

David began his astrology practice in 1973. He is a well known speaker in astrological community and astrological conferences. His lectures are well attended and well received. He is the founder Cosmic Patterns Software Inc., and is the lead software programmer of the development team that makes the Kepler and Pegasus astrology programs. He received a B.A. degree in 1972 with a major in psychology.

David pioneered some new theories of astrological interpretation using harmonics and midpoints in the 1970’s, but since that time has been devoted to developing astrology software. David plans to continue working on the Kepler program for many, many years.


  1. 108 Steps to Enlightenment
  2. Accuracy of Direct and Rx Times in Astrology Software
  3. AstroLocality Magic, A Synthesis of East and West
  4. Astrology, Science, and Causality
  5. AstroSignatures in the Gauquelin Data Revealed
  6. Can Enlightened Consciousness Bring Astrological Knowledge and Wisdom?
  7. Classical Horary: The Magical Ornament in the Christmas Tree of Life
  8. Historic Cycles and the Neptune-Pluto Synodic Cycle
  9. Minor Aspects and Modern Trends
  10. Scientific and Epistimological and Paradigm Shifts of the Early 1900’s
  11. The Early History of Astrology Software: A Personal Account
  12. The Mathematical Basis of Arabic Parts & A Paradigm Shift in Astrology
  13. The Secret History and Power of Degree Meanings
  14. The Subjective and the Objective in Astrology: Threads in a Cosmic Tapestry
  15. The Three Symmetries and Secrets of Astrological Compatibility
  16. Towards a Proof of Astrology, An AstroSignature for Mathematical Ability
  17. What is Astrology
  18. Radical Breakthroughs in 21st Century…
  19. Cosmic Cybernetics Influences on the Development of Culture
  20. Accident Research with Midpoints
  21. Planet Mandalas and a New Kind of Science
  22. Uranian Astrology and Symmetrical Astrology
  23. What is Parallax?
  24. Reassessment of the Mars Effect and Other Planetary Effects
    by David Cochrane and David Fink
  25. A Reanalysis of Landscheidt’s Findings Regarding Mars-Saturn Angles in the Charts of Scientists
  26. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn Effects of Extraversion/Introversion
    by David Cochrane and David Fink
  27. Astrological Harmonic Patterns as Possible Indicators of Extraversion/Introversion by David Cochrane and David Fink
  28. A Reanalysis of Theodor Landscheidt’s Findings Regarding Mars-Saturn Angles in Birth Charts of Scientists
  29. Distribution of Mars in Gauquelin Sectors for Day Charts and Night Charts of Professional Groups
  30. Gold Price Forecast: Reanalysis
  31. Did Your Zodiac Sign Change?
  32. Why Harmonic Properties of Arabic Parts Are Important
  33. Calendar and Time Changes in Ancient and Modern Times
  34. Proud To Be A Fringe Theorist
  35. The Value of Case Studies in Astrology
  36. Astrologer: “Soul Preservationists”
  37. Catching The Trane: The Musical Genius ……
  38. A Quick Introduction to Astrological Research Methods
  39. Asteroids Features in Kepler and Sirius
  40. 21st Century Astroogical Thought: A Confusion of Divinitory & Causal Models
  41. Replication of the Gold Forecast Findings with New Data by David Cochrane and Linda Berry
  42. Grand Sextiles in Modern Times
  43. Johannes Kepler, Astronomer and Astrologer